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NEW! "Ancient History" is the story of a woman torn between her present and her past. When her decision is forced, what will she do? Which man will she choose? 
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NEW! A loving couple has suffered a terrible loss -- how do they find the strength to move on? How do they handle the grief, the uncertainty, and each other? Read about Adrian and Savannah in Gwen's story about the day the world stopped turning...
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Bonus Story: A musician, spotlights, guitars, a packed house of ten thousand screaming fans -- and a migraine. Doesn't sound sexy? Wait until the show is over...
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She's got a long shower, a bottle of expensive lotion, and a man who thinks she's the most gorgeous woman on the face of the earth. What more can a woman ask for? Read "Her Art of Seduction" now on Tit-Elation!
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Contest Winner! Trevor is making his merry way down Teresa's body with only her pleasure in mind -- and suddenly she stops him. Why? Gwen's "Teaching Teresa" is the story of a woman learning something very good for the very first time. It is also the winner of the For the Girls 3rd Birthday Competition! 
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Revenge can be sweet, or it can be cold and calculated. When the girlfriend and the ex-girlfriend confront each other in the grocery store, one of them learns what "Hell Hath No Fury" really means. 
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Read Gwen's debut story on Oysters & Chocolate! "Two Wrongs Make It Right" is the tale of what happens when a woman gets revenge in the best way she knows how -- with the ex. 
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-Georgia expected love and happiness; what she found was shock and grief. "Absence," a short story of love, loss and overcoming, appears in the November issue of Reflection's Edge. 
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-Gwen's "One Breath at a Time," the story of a woman who finally finds the courage to dump her neglectful boyfriend, is now featured on Feminine Zone. While you are there, check out one of Gwen's other stories, "The Ring of Broken Promise".  
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-Good Vibrations is a weekly magazine that explores all issues of sexuality. The magazine includes product reviews, sex advice and a bit of everything else, including very hot erotica! 
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-Gwen's short story of revenge and redemption is featured in the BDSM section of Cliterature.
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-The Story Mill is a delightful site filled with sex-positive erotica. It is unique in that the sexually-charged stories are woven around erotic pictures. 
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The Autograph Girls

 Long Distance



"Two Days", a chapter excerpted from Sex and Guitars.

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