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NEW! Her Art of Seduction
The panties fell to the floor. Her voluptuous curves looked even better out of them. The bra fell forward, tracing her arms until it landed in front of her on the carpet. She looked back over her shoulder one more time, and I caught a glimpse of one hard nipple, red and delicious. Three more long steps and she was at the shower door, opening it, closing it quickly with only a tiny flash of the neatly trimmed triangle between her legs.

The Pleasures of the Delta Jewel
His eyes followed his hand as it explored my milky skin. His eyes paused on a small spot just under my ear, a small bruise that he recognized, for he suddenly bent forward and pressed his mouth to it. His teeth gently touched the place where he had bitten me in the throes of passion the night before. I giggled at his show of affection and latent concern. He had the grace to blush.

Dave Versus George
George held me lightly against him. I could feel the hint of what he wanted, the suggestion of what might come – so to speak – against the warmth of my belly. We were standing in my living room and the front door was open. All I had to do was reach out and close the door, turn the lock and then George would be here for more than a friendly dinner on a Friday night. He would be here all weekend, if I were lucky.

Under the Weeping Willow
I scraped my nails down his chest. He was beyond caring. Little welts rose under my fingers. I pushed harder across his shoulder. A thin bead of red formed behind my hand, and he cried out in something that sounded like unadulterated pleasure.

Saturday Morning Conversation
I chuckled. He took my hand and slipped my ring finger into his mouth. He sucked, hard and slow, until the familiar ache settled between my thighs. He nibbled on my fingertip. I imagined my fingerprints on his tongue, on his skin, little swirls of creation.

 The Photographer
I suddenly thought about Arik, about his perfect hands, and about the intensity of his gaze when he peered at me from behind the camera. He hadn’t come onto me, not at all. He had been every iota of professional throughout the whole shoot, and that was what turned me on. A man who fawned over me wasn’t a challenge at all. I liked a man who was a mystery. What could I seduce him into doing?

Outside the Blues Club
“I want you, Daniel,” I murmured, impatient and not willing to wait until we got home. He chuckled low in his throat. His hand discreetly moved up between us and he found my breast through the fabric of my dress. His eyebrows rose when he realized I was wearing nothing underneath the cotton.

Better Than Brazil
They made love for the first time that night, their voices low and easy over the telephone line. It was a series of words and suggestions that became a blur of sensation. Angela was so caught up in the moment that she didn’t realize how far across that line they had stepped until he murmured, “Come, and I will come with you.”

Hiding in the Open*
“Your Momma is right there in the house,” she said. “She can probably see us if she looks out that window. And you want me to jack you off? Right here?”

The Wonders of Technology*
Kenny was laughing, his knees drawn up to his chest and his face buried in his arms. I turned and watched him shake his head over and over as he fought to keep from laughing out loud and waking our son. It was contagious. I snickered and buried my face in the pillow. Our neighbor’s voice came through the monitor loud and clear, carrying over the frequency from her cordless phone. 

Discovering Submission*
He looked incredibly sexy in the candlelight.  He trembled on the bed, but he wanted this.  I knew he did.  He was naked and hard already.  His cock glistened in the light.  I sank my mouth down on it again, taking him into my throat.  He bucked up and moaned. 

New York, New York*
He would have watched her dress and maybe even helped her bathe, but Madeleine gave him a wicked smile and closed the door in his face. No bother. He almost skipped his way back to the bed, dropping clothes all the way there. He picked up the high-heeled shoe that sat on the chair and searched to find the mate. After a moment of thought, he smiled, then placed them neatly at the foot of the bed, where Madeleine surely wouldn’t miss them.

I knew my reputation in this town. In the grocery store, men gravitated toward me and women ignored me. At church, I was the subject of much debate. And of course in the bedroom, I had entertained more men than I cared to count. I turned to look at the other tables in the diner, and sure enough, I was receiving more stares than anyone else in the room, and I knew why.

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