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NEW! Sweet Surprise
September Winner in the Babeland Erotica Contest
I held up the new toy. Cody’s eyes wandered over it, from the red, round disc at the end, down to the handle in my hand. I lifted it to my face, ran it over my nose, smiled at him. It looked so innocent, but he knew better. I licked the riding crop as though it really was a Lollipop.  

NEW! The More Things Change... 
Second Prize in the Torquere Press "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" Contest
Troy was pounding the pavement a mile away from home, heading back toward the
house. The sun was rising and the fog was burning away and he wondered
what time it was in Italy, and if the new guy really spoke Italian or
just looked like he did –

NEW! Teaching Teresa First Prize in the For the Girls 2006 Short Story Competition
“What’s wrong?” he asked. He was truly puzzled. Teresa had been more than eager to drop to her knees and take him into her mouth. He hadn’t even asked for it, but she had seemed to want it just as much as he did. Trevor was the kind of man who always returned the favor, and now that he wanted to, Teresa was stopping him? 
What wasn’t making sense here?

NEW! The Vitality of Youth Runner-Up in the For the Girls 2006 Short Story Competition
She was thirty-eight, for crying out loud. Some would say that a man of twenty-one years wasn’t too young, but that didn’t stop her from feeling like a cradle-robber. 
She was old enough to be his mother.

   Runner-Up in Desdmona's 2005 Erotic 2000-word Short Story Contest
I slammed the knife down on the cutting board. It left a deep gash, darkness in the midst of the light-colored wood. I stared at the blade for a while and then walked calmly to the kitchen table, where I kicked the hell out of a chair before I sank down into another one and rested my head on my hands.  How could that bastard cheat on me?

Refrigerator Sex   First Prize in the Steam Heat Story Contest at
That’s where he found me when he came home for lunch, my clothes lying all over the floor, my naked body pressed lightly against the shelves of the open refrigerator. My nipples were hard and every now and then they brushed against the gallon of milk, which made them harder. I had devoured two popsicles and was going for a third.

Ten Years Later   Runner-Up in the Clean Sheets Rock-Me Erotica Contest
His eyes are dark as ever and he looks even better out of the suit than he looked in it. He tastes like cigarette smoke and cologne and icy cold water. He has a scar on his chest, a small thing that cannot be seen, only felt. I want to ask him where it came from but I don’t, because it makes him vulnerable and that isn’t what rock stars are.

Her Fantasy     Second Prize in the For the Girls 2005 Short Story Competition
“Your cock feels so good inside me,” she whispered. This time he did moan, a small sound from behind his hand. She flashed a wicked grin. “I lay there last night after we made love, and my pussy was so warm, so sensitive. I thought about how my body craves yours. And I thought, what could be better than that? Better than the way you feel inside me?”

Playgirl   Second Prize in the Torquere Press 2nd Annual Do-It-Yourself Contest
There was a man stroking his cock. He was looking at the camera and licking his lips. There was another, standing proudly beside a fencepost.  Another, lying back in a bath full of bubbles, his erect cock rising above the water.
That guy in the picture wasn’t the only one who was erect.