Her Fantasy
2nd Prize in the For the Girls 2005 Short Story Competition
By Gwen Masters

“I could never sleep with someone I didn’t know,” she said.

Damian watched her over the wineglass. She had a way of playing with it that drove him absolutely insane. She ran her fingertips along the inside of the delicate rim, finding a bead of red to cling to a manicured nail. She brought that fingertip to her mouth and slowly sucked it off, refusing to look at him while she did it. The vixen knew exactly what she was doing to him.

“I mean,” she went on, “That I have to know a man very well before I sleep with him. I have to have an emotional connection. You know me, Damian. You know that about me, don’t you?”

“Of course,” he almost whispered. He was watching her nails dip into that damned wineglass again. His cock was hard under the table, and she knew it. He had long forgotten about the remnants of his dinner. There was nothing but her and that look in her eye and those slim fingers playing in the red wine.

“But that doesn’t stop the fantasies,” she purred. “Sometimes they are so vivid, Damian. So wild. Like the one I had last night.”

Damian tore his eyes away from her fingertips. She was looking at him in that coy way, her hair falling almost over one eye, her chin dipped down.

“What fantasy?” he asked. “You seemed too worn out to have any fantasies other than the things we were doing in that big bed of yours.”

She made that sound, that cross between a giggle and a snicker. He had never met any other woman who could do that.

“The fantasy I had after you fell asleep,” she clarified, and he blushed.


She took a sip of the wine. A drop landed on her lower lip. One quick flicker of her tongue and it was gone. Damian almost groaned aloud. He reached for his water glass in the hopes of distracting himself before he embarrassed them both.

“Tell me about your fantasy,” he prompted. She giggled behind her hand.

“It’s naughty,” she said. “It’s sexy and wild and something I would never do, not in a million years. Because I couldn’t possibly get to know those men well enough to sleep with all of them, could I?”

Damian almost choked on his water. “What?”

“You heard me,” she purred.

He carefully set his glass down. There was no point in hiding what she was doing to him. Her eyes took in everything. She knew her power over him, a power she wielded with such finesse that her seduction had become a full-time event.

“Do tell,” he whispered in encouragement.

“Your cock feels so good inside me,” she whispered back. This time he did moan, a small sound from behind his hand. She flashed a wicked grin. “I lay there last night after we made love, and my pussy was so warm, so sensitive. I thought about how my body craves yours. And I thought, what could be better than that? Better than the way you feel inside me?”

Damian stared into her eyes, unable to look away. She sucked wine from her fingertip.

“The only thing better might be...more than one of you.”

Damian blinked in surprise.

“More than one man,” she mused, almost as if he were not there listening to her. “More than two. Yes. Maybe three. Maybe three men, Damian. Three men doing whatever I wanted them to do. That would feel good, wouldn’t it?”

He actually shivered. The sensation ran up his spine and he bit his lip hard to keep from moaning. She knew just how to touch him to make him shiver like that, but how long had it been since mere words had done it? Had mere words ever done it?

“It’s a fantasy of yours,” she said knowingly. “I know it is. I see those stories you read on the Internet. I pay attention. You like to read stories about group sex. About multiple partners. About women with many men. It turns you on, I know it does.”

Damian smiled slowly at her. What was the point in hiding it? Her eyes widened and she made that sound again, only this time it was more of a snicker than a giggle.

“You’re admitting it!” she said with a smile.

“I’m not denying it,” he said.

“So you would be open to my little fantasy? I would never do it, of course. You know that, right? I wouldn’t want to do something like that with men I didn’t know, and I don’t have enough male friends to pull it off...but we can pretend that I do.”

Damian nodded. The waiter came by to take their plates. Neither of them noticed.

“I thought about what it would be like. All those men standing there in my bedroom. Maybe one of them would be shy and blushing. Maybe another would be cocky—isn’t that a good word? —arrogant. Maybe the other one would be nervous and watching you to figure out what you were going to do. Because you would be there, Damian. You would be right there with them.”

He shifted in his seat. She pinned him with those wild blue eyes. 

“I wonder what it would feel like. Would I compare them? Would one of them be better than the other? Would one be a bit too eager and finish too early? What would you do? Would you like to watch or would you want to participate? Would you like watching me take so much pleasure?”

Damian nodded. She surprised him with her next question.

“What turns you on about it?”

He was momentarily confused. “What turns me on about it? What do you mean?”

“I mean,” she purred, “What do you like about it? Watching me take so much pleasure? Watching the light of discovery in my eyes? Watching those men have what you get every night? What?”

He shook his head. “I don’t know,” he whispered. “I really don’t know.”

She grinned at him. “Last night I thought about having one in my pussy while you were standing there stroking your cock. And I thought about sucking one of them—the shy one—and making him moan and groan and shudder all over like you did just a minute ago. I thought about what you might do. Would you come? Would you wait your turn? Would you let me tell you exactly what you were going to do and when you were going to do it?”

Damian stared into her eyes. “Yes.”

With that, she stood up from the table. “Take me home,” she murmured.

Getting to the parking lot was a study in concentration. She walked ahead of him, her hips moving just enough to drive him insane. He thought about stealing a touch in the parking lot, but she moved too quickly for him. She was slipping into the car before he had a chance to voice his thoughts. His hand shook when he tried to put the key in the ignition. She reached over to touch his arm, her fingertips cool and her palm very warm.

“I’m so wet,” she whispered seductively, and this time he did groan out loud.

The drive seemed to take forever, even though it was only six miles. As soon as the front door closed behind them she wrapped her body around him. Her hands in his hair and her leg around his, she bit down on his earlobe and urged in a whisper, “Don’t make me wait. Take me right here."

The couch was two steps away but even that was too far. Then landed on the floor. Her skirt came up and his pants came down. By the time she was working his shirt off his shoulders he had already found where she was so wet, where she was swollen and waiting for him. He impaled her with one long thrust and she arched into him, her sweet breasts offered up. He unbuttoned her blouse and found nothing but silky skin and hard nipples underneath. His tongue touched one and she almost shrieked with pleasure.

“You like this?” he murmured. “You like having me inside you? Are you thinking about having more than me? More than my cock? Maybe three other men, one after the other? Is that what is turning you on so much right now?”

“Yes,” she gasped, and he groaned. It was a fantasy he had harbored in his secret mind for so many years, and now she was turned on by it. She was so turned on; she was damn near bucking him off with her thrusts.

“Slow down,” he started to say, but she yanked his hair and raked her nails down his back. That shiver hit him again and all control disappeared like smoke in a high wind. He rammed her and she met him thrust for thrust, giving as good as she got. She had never been so wild!

Damian was approaching the brink fast but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she seemed to revel in it. Naughty things that rolled off her tongue:  “You like that pussy, baby? You like how hot I am around your cock? You like stretching me with that thick dick, don’t you? Fuck me, fuck me harder, make me come, damn you!”

And he did. Damian angled his hips and ran his cock right over her clit. It was just what she liked, and her eyes widened when he did it. She was closer than he thought she was. Within seconds she was coming, her pussy clenching hard on his cock. He bit his lip to hold his own orgasm in check, for just a moment...one moment more...just one...

She whispered in his ear, “Come.” That was the official end for Damian. He roared when he came, pushing as deep as he could, both of them sliding a little across the floor before the power of that final thrust. She bucked into him and wrapped her legs around him, holding on, not letting him go anywhere. He finally collapsed on her, absolutely spent.

After long moments she began to giggle. It turned into a chuckle, and then a laugh. The laughter rolled through her and made her pussy clench around him. Her belly shuddered against his and her laughter rang in his ears. Damian smiled.

“Do you like my fantasy, baby?” she whispered.

“Oh, yes,” he murmured against her ear. “Tell me more.”

Copyright 2005 by Gwen Masters. All Rights Reserved.