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NEW! Hell Hath No Fury
When her boyfriend leaves her for a married ex-lover, she takes the high road. 
The other woman doesn't, and the bitch gets what's coming to her. 
This is what happens when a woman settles the score.

Gossip columnists are never to be trusted. All they want is the scoop, and they don’t care who they hurt to get it. Ronnie Davis works for the Voice, and his invasions into her personal life have never been welcome...but now he wants to invade her personal life in a much different way.

At the Office
(Part of the Corporate Sex Issue)
Andrew is a high-powered attorney with a secretary, an office almost as big as his bank account, and the requisite trophy wife. He also has a mistress who is having sex with someone else while she makes him watch. How much sweet torture can a man take?


Emotional abuse is a stealthy thing, something that happens before a woman realizes the havoc that is roaring down on her life. Gracie is one of those unlucky women, but Rhett is determined to make her believe in goodness again. Is the love of one man enough to raise a Phoenix from the ashes?

Year of the Monkey
(Part of Ruthie's Christmas Festival)
It is Christmas Eve, and the only place open is the Chinese restaurant. They deliver. Sheridan is lonely for some company, but she never expected getting her own fortune cookie of a man with the meal.

The End of the World
The Australian Outback is larger than anyone can imagine. It is filled with the kind of beauty that will take your breath away. It is also harsh and unforgiving. It is just like her marriage to Patrick.

The Gwen Masters Festival!
A week of nothing but Gwen's best. 

Tuning the Engine
Nothing new happens in the small Appalachian town Ronnie calls home. It is a place where everyone knows your name, where a living is made by hard work, and where every issue is painted in black and white. Then Sissy sneaks into town in her Porsche and turns Ronnie’s world upside-down.

More Than She Wanted
When Paulie leaves Annie for another man, Annie vows to win him back. She spends long hours watching Paulie’s window from a nearby coffee shop, plotting and scheming. Waiting for her moment to make her move. But once that moment comes, Annie gets much more than she ever bargained for.

Lucky Numbers and Marlboros
Callie was a good girl, the kind who had never done anything even remotely wild in her entire life. Until she met Paul, who fucked her in every way imaginable before he left her bed in the middle of the night, turning her into a one-night stand. Her track record of being the good girl was shattered. And she was determined that Paul would not be the last man who fucked her.

Yes, Officer
Sharon’s life has gone to hell in a handbasket. First her boyfriend left her, then she lost her job. Now she’s late for an interview and damned if she doesn’t get caught running a red light! A ticket for sure, and she can’t afford it. But that officer is pretty damn sexy.

Better sex through chemistry? Or a straight shot to hell? 
A story not for the faint of heart...

The Autograph Girls
Thousands of screaming fans. A guitar slinger. Spotlights. Encores. And a migraine. 
Doesn't seem sexy? Wait until the show is over.

On the Bedroom Floor
Sometimes the most intense relationships are the ones that find a way, no matter what the hardship--or the cost. 

The Meeting
A man, two women, and a red Dodge Viper: it’s every man’s dream come true. But there’s a fine line between a dream and a nightmare.

Tired of competing with her husband’s high-powered job, Eddie’s wife walked out on their life together. Returning to that big house on the hill one more time, she wasn’t prepared for the memories lurking in every nook and cranny. For so long she thought she did the right thing, but that house whispered to her, telling her that maybe—just maybe—she was wrong.


A Dozen Coronas
She hadn’t been drunk since she was a teenager. Tonight it had just seemed like a good idea. She was lonely and angry and she had been stood-up. Then Mark—the ex-lover—called. She hoped she wasn’t too drunk to remember this in the morning...

(Part of Ruthie's Blonde Fest 2005)
After too many hours in the cab of that eighteen-wheeler, Chris is worn out, lonely, and more than a little hungry. He stops at a roadside burger joint and there he finds Sandy, a pretty little blonde thing. Chris slowly realizes she has a little extra to offer than what he finds on the menu. Order up!

The Craziest Thing
(Part of Ruthie's Festival of Music)
Being a musician’s woman is hard work! The travel, the bad food, the lack of sleep—and the groupies, those women who want your man and don’t care what it takes to get him. Sometimes the more zealous ones have to be put in their place. And that is more than a little fun!

Selena, slut grade one, shifts shamelessly and like a purring cat from Eric to Greg. Eric watches them together, and suddenly he’s watching his friend Greg. And Greg’s watching him…

Be Careful What You Ask For
John Smith. A name as nondescript as any name on the Internet could possibly be. He offers Carrie the promise of something she has always wanted, something she believes will save her unhappy marriage. How far is a woman willing to go to get what she wants?

Eighteen Hundred Dollars
Dumped. She can’t believe she has been dumped. She has cried more in three days than any person ever should. What can make a rejected woman feel like a woman again? Eighteen hundred dollars might be a good start.

Dry Tinder
(Part of Ruthie's Romance Festival)
A woman battered by one unlucky turn after another. That sexy man who happens to understand. Throw them together on a spur-of-the-moment kind of night, add lamplight and water. It is bound to get interesting.

Fifteen Minutes
(Will appear in Best American Erotica 2006)
On the road, band groupies are a dime a dozen. What kind of woman would allow herself to be used for a night and then discarded? Somebody like Blondie, who sees rocker Tom Myers as the Holy Grail of the Unholy Trinity.
Sex, drugs and rock and roll, baby.

Jim and Bob have been through everything together. Everything. Even Beth.

Laundry Day
Carol is a lonely housewife who is trying to be content with her lot in life, including her neglectful spouse. Then one day a stranger appears, someone who knows more about her than her own husband does. What happens when a woman’s every sexual desire is unleashed? Her husband should have paid more attention...

And the Award Goes To
An Awards Show. Glitz. Glamour. Flashbulbs. Fame. And that one little secret.

On the Back of His Harley
A responsible woman, her Harley-riding bad boy, and a ride to the middle of nowhere.

Home Invasion
A surprise visitor in the middle of the night is usually cause for alarm. But when that visitor brings incredible pleasure, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Fratboy Education
David was the college stud, the fraternity boy who knew all the moves and wasn’t afraid to use them. Sarah was the pretty, quiet girl he couldn’t stop thinking about. And she had quite the surprise in store for the resident heartthrob.

Room 312
(Part of the New Year's Issue)
It is New Year’s Eve, and her date is a jerk. But Thomas definitely isn’t. What happens when best friends become lovers? Thomas and Shannon are about to find out.

Kevin (The Series)
A cheating husband. Car trouble on a lonely highway. No cell phone, no cash, and no direction. Shay’s day can’t get any worse. And then a knight in black leather shows up on a big purring motorcycle.

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