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Sex and Guitars

"When an author can take us inside their mind and heart, a good novel has been discovered. When a writer can expose the truth where it lays, raw and vulnerable, and make the reader feel that he/she has just shared in a private conversation rather than having read a book, then that writer has brought words to life. But when an author succeeds at doing all these things, then a rare treasure has been found. Gwen Masters is one of those rarities and her book, Sex and Guitars is a treasure that enthralled me from the first page to the last."  -Tina Hess

"Gwen Masters has written a stunning portrait of codependency and addiction. The heroine displays all the emotions and doubts of the other woman, while the hero is fraught with doubt and denial, all played out against the backdrop of the music world. The author's heartfelt words evoked an instant recognition and at times I cried for both characters. At times the sexual encounters were brutal and yet tender, endearing and frightening, all of them necessary. I absolutely loved this book."  -Katherine L. Hunt, Coffee Time Romance

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Dances of Redemption
The Gwen Masters Short Story Collection

Over the last ten years, Gwen has written more short stories than even she can count. Now some of her best are gathered together in the first Gwen Masters Collection. Dances of Redemption includes ten of Gwen's hottest, award-winning stories and five new ones that are sure to be classics. The book also includes the exclusive "Story Behind the Story", in which Gwen details the inspirations for every tale in this collection. Enjoy this first volume of many!
"Many of the stories share common themes of relearning trust, healing, and a sense of renewal from within. I found the stories uplifting and ones that anyone can relate to. The background at the end on what fueled each story was a delight to read and very unique." -Nancy Jackson, Coffee Time Romance

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Gwen's Words are Included in These Fine Publications:



Edited by Justus Roux

NEW! This anthology contains twenty sensuous, erotic stories celebrating the strength of a woman: Mistresses, business women, warriors, whatever role she plays, whether she has always been strong or finds her strength, there is something so beautiful about a woman who knows what she wants.

An ensemble of talented writers of erotica will tantalize you with their sizzling tales of the alpha female.  Gwen's "At the Office" is included in this collection.

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The Right Words
Edited by Stevie Burns

NEW! Join Stevie Burns and the Voracitybeat Crew in the anthologized celebration of VORA! Erotic essays, editorials, inspired interviews and articles abound in this volume. You will also find hot and steamy erotica and poetry from some of the best up-and-coming authors. 

Several of Gwen's most popular tales from Voracitybeat are included in this collection. 

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The Best American Erotica 2006
Edited by Susie Bright

"Famous for taking her readers to undiscovered places, Susie Bright has changed the rules for writing about sex. Erotica is no longer under-the-covers reading; it's cutting-edge and thrilling literature that showcases the best writing around.

In Best American Erotica 2006, Bright chooses stories that toy with fear as well as desire in excerpts from some of the most sexually charged and fearless writing of the year." -Simon and Schuster

Read Gwen's "Fifteen Minutes" in Best American Erotica 2006! 

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The Best of
Issue One, Volume One and Issue One, Volume Two

Featuring the best of Tit-Elation's writers, these compilations are full of stories hand-picked by the editors based on reader response and general quality. Gwen's "New York, New York" is included in the first collection. Four stories by Gwen are included in Volume Two!


Provocative Notes
Edited By Nancy Jackson

Provocative Notes is an anthology of stories that celebrate the sensuality of music. From violins to pianos to guitars and everything in between, Provocative Notes shows how the joys of music can enhance the joys of lovemaking. Gwen's "The Piano" is included in this delightful collection. 

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Naughty Stories from A to Z: Volume Four
Edited by Alison Tyler

Gwen's tale of longing and desire, "Your Old Shirt", is included in Naughty Stories from A to Z: Volume Four! This collection is available to Venus Book Club subscribers. The paperback version will be available from Pretty Things Press in late September, 2005. 

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Coming Together: An Erotic Cocktail

-Coming Together: An Erotic Cocktail is the first volume in a series. Including everything from down-and-dirty sex to classy erotica, poetry and illustrations, Coming Together is a unique venture created entirely by amateur writers who came together for a good cause. Gwen wrote the introduction to this collection. 

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Who's Your Daddy
Edited by Justus Roux

"The Upper Hand", Gwen's story of a couple who find an interesting way to work through their marriage crisis, is part of the  Who's Your Daddy? Anthology
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Foreign Affairs: Erotic Travel Tales
Edited by Mitzi Szereto

Gwen's story of decadence in the Delta, "Biloxi", is included in Foreign Affairs: Erotic Travel Tales. This wonderful anthology is on the shelves now! 

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