Gwennydear Storytime
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A Changing Skyline
On the day the world stopped turning, Adrian and Shannon lost their unborn child. Years later, they have come to New York in a last-ditch effort to put the pain and the loss behind them. If a city can rise from beneath the rubble, surely a marriage can as well. 

Confessional Turn
A mature woman, a devout Catholic,
finds herself confessing the unthinkable
to her husband...Thank God!

Three for the Road
Being on the road is tough.
Taking advantage of those days off makes it easier...
Especially when those days are spent in bed.

Ancient History
New York City. A high-rise penthouse suite. 
A handsome and powerful ex-lover. 
There's one little problem: Her boyfriend.

The Phone Call
Did he really think she would pine over him forever? Boy, is he in for a surprise! A steamy tale of revenge, served cold.

Above the Ohio
(Included in The Right Words Anthology)
Stolen moments, bittersweet memories, and emotions running high: That is the legacy of an affair. High above the winding river, two lovers find ease. 

The Marital Truth
Every marriage has its secrets. This is hers.

My Jealous Lover
An email flirtation. A jealous boyfriend. 
Who says jealousy is a bad thing?

When the Lights Go Down
He's a music man on tour. She's the woman who stands just outside the spotlight. Here's the story of what really happens when the crowd goes home.

The Meeting
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...
Especially when that woman meets his new Ms. Right.

Sensual Inventiveness
(Included in The Right Words Anthology)
A long dry spell? Not enough time? A horniness that demands attention? Sometimes, a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do!

(Story of the Month, April 2004)
He's the sexy bad boy, she's the sweet woman who takes him to bed, and this is the wild romp through their first time. Discovery was never so much fun!

The Massage
(Included in The Right Words Anthology)
She definitely got her money's worth out of that particular session.

Tender lovemaking while the rain pours down.