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Contest Winner! "Sweet Surprise" was named the September winner in the Babeland Erotica Contest! Click here to read about fun with a toy called the "Lollipop." 

NEW! Check out Gwen's latest article! Her hilarious true story of an ex-lover and the jealous cat (yes, the jealous cat)  is featured this month in the "True Confessions" section of For the Girls. Click here to join For the Girls and read the article -- and while you are there, check out Gwen's stories! 

Slip of a Girl is celebrating craftiness on her Blog! Click here to read a few of Gwen's tips for turning your bedroom (and your lingerie!) into something uniquely yours...

Contest Winner! Gwen's "The More Things Change..." took Second Place in the Torquere Press "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words" Writing Contest. Click here to read the story.

Interview! Gwen was recently interviewed by the fantastic Carrie White at Hentracks. Click here to read the extensive interview.

An excerpt of Gwen's "Better Than Brazil" has been excerpted by Hentracks, a great site filled with everything erotic. Click here to read the teaser of the tale! 

A Slip of a Girl is a woman with a love of lingerie, especially that of the vintage variety. Gwen was happy to talk about lingerie and other such things on her Blog. Click here to read the interview! 

The Gwen Masters Journal of Writing is the title of Gwen's blog. Visit there now to read Gwen's latest thoughts and musings. 

Contest Winner: "Teaching Teresa" took First place in the For the Girls 3rd Birthday Fiction Competition. "The Vitality of Youth" took an honorable mention. Join For the Girls to read the stories! 

Gwen's "Lucky Numbers and Marlboros" has been selected for the Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 6. Watch here for release dates of this anthology. 

Gwen has a MySpace page! She keeps an active blog and always gives updates on newly published stories. Wander over there and take a look, maybe add yourself as a friend -- and say hello! Click here to take a look.

Watch for more of Gwen's work in the brand-new Yen Relish, a quarterly publication edited by the lovely Stevie Burns. Click here for more information on Yen Relish!

Several of Gwen's stories will be included in Erotika: Bedtime Stories. Look for this collection in late 2006. In the meantime, visit the Sensorotika website for details.

Pick up the June/July 06 issue of BUST Magazine to read "The Writer's Muse", Gwen's story of a writer and her naughty inspiration! For more information on BUST or to order a copy of the magazine, visit the website. 

Four of Gwen's stories, "Humidity", "Hiding in the Open", "The Wonders of Technology" and "Discovering Submission" are included in the latest Best of Tit-Elation book! This collection is now available through the Tit-Elation website. 

Read about Gwen's inspirations for "Fifteen Minutes", her story in Best American Erotica 2006, in her interview on editor Susie Bright's Blog!  Click here to read the excerpt and interview. 

The Writer's Niche is an internet community with great resources for writers. Jenn Donnelly, owner and creator of The Writer's Niche, asked Gwen several questions about the business of writing.
Click here to read the interview and to learn more about The Writer's Niche. 

Gwen was recently interviewed as part of a Roundtable Talk on the State of Sex in the US
Click here to visit Adult Backwash and  read the discussion.

Gwen's Sex and Guitars was reviewed by the good folks at Coffeetime Romance. Sex and Guitars received the coveted Five-Cup Rating! Click here to read the review. 

"Longevity" will appear in Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z 2, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Look for this wonderful anthology on the shelves in 2006.

Reviews! Read what respected reviewers have to say about Sex and Guitars:
Review by Alexander Renault of the Erotic Authors Association
Review by Tina Hess of Streaming Orgasm Radio

Are you one of those lucky souls who purchased a copy of the First Edition of Better Judgment? If so, you will be happy to know you now own a high-demand collector's item! Resale prices for this Out of Print edition are already well over one hundred dollars per copy and going higher.