The Critics Love Better Judgment

From Stevie Burns, Publisher:
"I'm the proud editor of Better Judgment and want to share this wonderfully written piece with other readers. What moved me most about Gwen's work is that it reads smoothly and literately, but reads and feels as true. Her work is compelling, dramatic and sexy."

From Tina Hess of Mind Caviar:
"When an author can take us inside their mind and heart, a good novel has been discovered. When a writer can expose the truth where it lays, raw and vulnerable, and make the reader feel that he/she has just shared in a private conversation rather than having read a book, then that writer has brought words to life. But when an author succeeds at doing all these things, then a rare treasure has been found. Gwen Masters is one of those rarities and her book, Better Judgment: Confessions of a Mistress is a treasure that enthralled me from the first page to the last."

From Alexander Renault of Mind Caviar:
"Better Judgment is a tale of secrets told by the female coconspirator and the author does an outstanding job of capturing the power of taboo... Masters calls into question the reader's personal feelings of integrity, character, and morality versus the extreme pleasures of the moment... This is a mistress who contemplates the impermanence of all elements of life, argues with her lover about abortion rights, and remarks about her lover's physical imperfections in her mind."

From JP Redd, Music Manager:
"From the heart of eroticism to the depths of guilt, there are very few places Gwen Masters does not take us. The affair is exposed in a whole new light and shows there is more to it than just a sexual involvement. Her words spark the senses as she illustrates not only the emotions but also the scenes of the Delta."

From Anthony C. Smith, Record Producer:
There are some authors who break taboos. There are some authors who think outside the box. Then there are some authors who blow down all barriers and put a new face on an entire genre. It is a fine author who can cut us down, soothe us, tear us apart, and then put us back together on the sheer strength of her words. Gwen Masters is that author."

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